Song Commentary

Ain't Going Anywhere

Written by

Becky Baxter / Conal O’Donoghue / Shauna McGarrity / John McNulty
A song about attraction; a song about longing.

If the truth be told, we have no idea what to do with this song. It’s a pleasant enough number with a playful bass line, catchy melody and a definite ‘hook’ … but it is just not blues / rock whichever way you look at it. In fact (and whisper this quietly) it is straightforward ‘bubblegum’ pop music and even a bluesy-ish guitar solo with clear elements of ‘crunch’ cannot save it from that classification.

Becky came up with the lyrics for a song about attraction and a song about longing and then got together with Shauna who provided the bass riff and this is the final result after all of about 3 minutes contribution by John and Conal (who, if pushed, might own up to being a bit embarrassed over this one).

We’ve tried it live on a few occasions and the reception is, well, mixed: it just does not fit with everything else in the set and so, as stated above, we really do not know what to do with it.

It is what it is and is included here in the interests of completeness: a song about attraction and a song about longing.


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