Song Commentary

Blue Man Plays the Whites

Written by

Becky Baxter / Conal O’Donoghue / Shauna McGarrity / John McNulty / Dan O’Donoghue

A song about ambition; a song about striving for success; a song about the blues.

This one is really just a bit of nonsense that is currently in the development pile (hence no video or audio clips) and, frankly, may never get out of it to see the light of day.

It’s the product of some idle messing around and speculation on the theme of hoping for success as a blues musician: a song about ambition, a song about striving for success and a song about the blues. There’s nothing new or ground-breaking in it but it does have a good feel about it and the line “Smokestack Lightning never strikes twice” keeps bringing us back to it again and again. Maybe one day … or maybe we’ll use a similar line in something else. Watch this space for developments (… or not)!

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Conal and Becky

[Video Clip]

[Audio Clip]

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