Song Commentary

Diamond Heart

Written by
Becky Baxter / Conal O’Donoghue / Shauna McGarrity / John McNulty / Hannah Baxter

A song about strength; a song about being there for someone; a song about the strength of love.

“Diamond Heart” marks the band’s first venture into using different time signatures for effect; something we can expect more of in future. As such, it demonstrates the growing confidence and sophistication of both their writing and playing.

Atypically, the subject matter is the exact opposite of the more traditional bluesy heartache and pain theme and instead celebrates the constancy, power and strength of love and all that it can bring: a song about strength, a song about being there for someone and a song about the strength of love.

Conal opens the song with a powerful, dominating riff that, too many, evokes shades of Gilmour and Pink Floyd. However, this swiftly changes to a lilting but slightly eerie guitar theme with, as ever, an emphasis on tone which is complemented by Shauna’s haunting bass line and John’s restrained weighty drum line. The effect is completed by Becky’s vocal at its ‘light and dark’ best and which serves to draw the listener closer for an intimate revelation. The inherent promise of the song is brought to a crescendo in the chorus and then set off by Conal’s solo that reveals the power of restraint and understatement: no technical pyrotechnics here – just every note played for maximum value.

Finally, the optimistic message is repeated in what starts as a reprise of the chorus but then turns into a harmonic duet between vocal and lead guitar. Conal’s declared aim in this part of the song was to treat the guitar line exactly as though it is another singing voice in a song about strength, a song about being there for someone and a song about the strength of love. We think he succeeded … in spades.

The Band


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