Song Commentary

Heart in my Hands

Written by
Becky Baxter / Conal O’Donoghue / Shauna McGarrity / John McNulty

A song about being hurt; a song about breaking up; a song about regret.

We could be tempting fate here, but we think this track has the potential to be a Riff Diamond “signature” song (along with a couple of others such as “Diamond Heart” and “Love Hate”, for example). A pensive and dolorous guitar riff slowly builds and builds in close cooperation with an intimate but slightly roughened vocal line, evoking feelings of an uneasy calm achieved by reaching a difficult decision following emotional turmoil: a song about being hurt, a song about breaking up and a song about regret.

This leads to a hauntingly delicate chorus (at first) that speaks of the hurt of having to be the one to make the decision and also the pain of being left with the regret even though the fault lies with the other person. Then … the chorus repeats but is kicked into high gear with all the hurt and frustration overflowing in the vocal line.

There follows not one, but two guitar solos on either side of the vocal: the first being almost tender in representing the feelings of regret and hinting at “what might have been” while blending some technical harmonic devices into a deceptively simple line and the second heading squarely for traditional blues/rock virtuoso “axeman” territory: a song about being hurt, a song about breaking up and a song about regret indeed.


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