Song Commentary

Kick in the Teeth

Written by
Conal O’Donoghue / Shauna McGarrity / John McNulty / Becky Baxter / Dan O’Donoghue 

A song about cheating; a song about heartache; a song about pain.

“Kick”, as the band call it, is a no-nonsense, down-to-earth heavy blues number on a traditional theme: it’s a song about cheating, a song about heartache and a song about pain.

The genesis of the song was simply the guitar tone. Conal was messing about one day with a variety of pedals and searching for a particular “dirty” distortion sound … he hit on this tone and the inspiration for the riff followed more or less right away. Having developed the basic riff and melody and in short order, he was still in the groove and so moved straight on to developing the bass line that Shauna delivers with her customary authority.

The lyrics came equally quickly, starting with just the one line: “I’ve tasted whiskey sweeter than you”. The rest followed in a matter of minutes and, after a light polish and a few nods in the direction of some classic blues/rock songs and artists, the band had a classic heavy / dirty blues song about cheating, about heartache and about pain.

There was a brief debate over whether the closing line would be more traditionally ‘bluesy’ if it referred to bourbon but, hey … we’re an Irish blues band … so ‘whiskey’ had to stay.

Conal produced the song to the band at the next session at Outland Studios and there was instant acceptance. In the next thirty minutes or so the band ran through the track, a few changes were introduced to the music, the lyrics were tweaked a little and John came up with the drum pattern … and the song was recorded in just one take!

There you have it: a blues/rock song about cheating, a song about heartache and a song about pain … done and dusted in short order and fast becoming a favourite at live gigs.


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