Song Commentary


Written by
Becky Baxter / Conal O’Donoghue / Shauna McGarrity / John McNulty / Hannah Baxter

A song about being yourself; a song about mistakes; a song about truth.

“Masquerade” sees the band in more pensive and reflective mood but still in familiar blues territory of life, troubles and pain. The opening heavy drum pattern and lead riff herald a down-shift to more introspective material and hang in the air with a haunting, almost lyrical, tone that supports a first verse that speaks of emotion recollected in tranquillity with just a touch of desperation: a song about being yourself, a song about mistakes and a song about truth.

The chorus sees the band moving seamlessly from the bluesy end of the spectrum to the more rocking extreme as Becky’s vocals move from velvet to granite in counterpoint. The lyrics speak of a desire for others to see past the facades that we all put on to get by in modern society and both see and set free the real person underneath. As much as this is a song about being yourself, a song about mistakes and a song about truth … it is also a song about alienation from our modern, and all-too-often superficial, society. Sadly, it is also a song about feeling trapped by society’s impositions and needing someone else to look beyond the façade and the image and both unmask and unleash the underlying reality.

The song ends in similar vein to the opening with a dolorous guitar line underpinned by an atmospheric use of cymbals suggesting a sincere wish for change coupled with a vocal hinting at a sense of resignation that the wish may never be fulfilled.

“Masquerade” came out of what the band refer to as the “kitchen sessions”; namely song-writing sessions held around the kitchen table in John’s house. It was originally conceived as an acoustic number and subsequently developed into its current electrified form. It’s a firm favourite within the band, although everyone hears different influences in it and they can’t agree as to what they are … but that’s not a concern when the end result is a song like this: about being yourself, about mistakes and about truth.


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