Song Commentary

On A Ledge

Written by

Becky Baxter / Conal O’Donoghue / Shauna McGarrity / John McNulty

A song about suicide; a song about desperation; a song about finality

Another work-in-progress for the band and another song that has been taken out of the repertoire for further work to be done to bring it up to the required standard; so no video or audio clips are available at this time.

We see this one as lying very much at the ‘rock’ end of the blues/rock spectrum, almost certainly exhibiting heavy metal elements. The song captures the moment when someone is driven beyond the limit but before they take the final step to a permanent solution – just as they are standing on a ledge and on the cusp of a decision that could go either way.

Its heavy stuff and not a nice track; a song about suicide, a song about desperation and a song about finality.

One little bit of black humour is connected with this song: we were set to debut the track at a charity gig and then had to pull it out of the set list when we found out the event was in support of a suicide prevention charity!


[Video Clip]

[Audio Clip]

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