Song Commentary


Written by
Becky Baxter / Conal O’Donoghue / Shauna McGarrity / John McNulty 

A song about rebirth; a song about escaping control; a song about freedom. 

“Phoenix” is the first original song ever written by the band and it is fair to say that its origins lie firmly at the ‘rock’ end of the blues/rock scale: some listeners may detect a strong Led Zepp influence here ... especially in the drumming (admit it, John!).

 Interestingly, the song has fallen both out of and back into favour with the band at various times and has been revised and amended more than once. Going back to the very first (amateur) recording of the song is an object lesson in just how far the band has developed in terms of the sophistication of its writing.

The theme of the song is one that the band re-visits in later tracks: a song about rebirth, a song about escaping control and a song about freedom on a personal level.

The backbone of the song came from Conal (aka “The Riff Factory”) messing around at a rehearsal while the rest of the band were having a tea break and a chat. Suddenly John was saying “play that again” and Becky just happened to have a rough outline of some lyrics … and the basis of a song emerged from the chaos. As already noted, the song has changed and (we think) improved a lot over time but at its core it remains a song about rebirth, a song about escaping control and a song about freedom.

There’s also a blindingly obvious, if rather strained, metaphor in the band’s first song being called “Phoenix” and representing a birth, or rebirth if you like, from a covers band to one concentrating on original music. Yeah, we know this is all a bit twee and corny … but we can cope with a bit of that!


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