Song Commentary

Welcome to the End of Forever

Written by

Becky Baxter / Conal O’Donoghue / Shauna McGarrity / John McNulty / Hannah Baxter

A song about survival; a song about strength; a song about moving on.

Many would say that this song shows Becky’s vocals at their intimate, emotional and expressive best. In the opening verse and chorus she somehow manages to express hurt, world-weariness and underlying strength and determination all at the same time and with a tone of intimacy that draws the listener right into the experience. Also, somehow she manages to achieve a tone of dark velvet with little hints of gravel and just a touch of emotional growl … and it all makes this track what it is: a song about survival, a song about strength and a song about moving on.

It is a song about strength and about moving on and the message is clear: the other party has lost out and made the mistake: the “forever” that most of us seek may be lost but not for the protagonist.

This is another (largely) unplugged number which relies upon a slightly muted but still relatively lively guitar melody from Conal supported by an equally muted rhythm (actually both a Cajon and a Djembe) from John and Shauna. In the latter stages, Conal introduces an atmospheric and slightly haunting electric guitar line that hangs in the background and drifts slowly away like wood smoke.

Notwithstanding the hint of threat in the closing lines, this remains a positive song with a positive message not only of survival but also of accomplishment and even success from believing in oneself: a song about survival, a song about strength and a song about moving on.

This is another thoughtful lyric from the pen of Hannah Baxter and yet another product of the “kitchen sessions” at John’s house. More of the same, please.


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