Song Commentary

What's with all the Hammers, Joe?

Written by

Becky Baxter / Conal O’Donoghue / Shauna McGarrity / John McNulty / Dan O’Donoghue

A song about hammers; a song in homage to Joe Bonamassa.

This one started out from a little bit of light-hearted banter. We are all big fans of Joe Bonamassa and his guitar-based brand of contemporary blues / rock … no one more so than Conal (check out our song “I Promise you” for evidence of this). We were chatting about his earlier work on albums such as “Sloe Gin”, “The Ballad of John Henry” and the like when we started to notice that references to hammers kept cropping up in his songs including, of course, the wonderfully-named “Ballpeen Hammer”.

In short order, we identified four songs of his that included mention of hammers … so we were jokingly wondering if this was something of an obsession … and that led to these lyrics that cite all four of those songs and a few others as well: “High Water Everywhere”, “Jockey Full of Bourbon” (a cover of a Tom Waits number) and so on. So there you have it: a little bit of fun leading to a song about hammers and a song in homage to Joe Bonamassa.

In case you are wondering, the hammer motif does not appear to have been continued in Joe Bonamassa’s more recent offerings, but we are starting to notice more and more references to trains …

This is another track in the development pile at present, so there are no video or audio clips available right now. If we are entirely honest, this one may not go any further and may never be published. At this point in time, we can’t say for certain one way or the other.

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