Song Commentary

Whole Lotta Love

Written by
John Bonham / Willie Dixon / John Paul Jones / Jimmy Page / Robert Plant 

Cover of Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love

We don’t presume to be able to add any insight or worthwhile comment to what has already been said and written about this classic rock (albeit blues-derived) song. We all like Led Zeppelin (except John, who absolutely adores them and frequently rhapsodises over John Bonham …) and they are a definite influence on Riff Diamond.

It’s an iconic song as well … and a firm favourite at live gigs: a classic rocking number and a wonderful guitar track. It was the first song that Becky, Conal and John played when they got together and also the first song played when Shauna joined – and it has been in our set list from the very start.

We know about the Willie Dixon “You Need Love” episode (check it out on the internet if you are interested) and it doesn’t bother us. In fact, we see other similarities as well: “Who’s Been Talkin’” by Howlin’ Wolf is a fairly obvious one that springs to mind. That doesn’t bother us either.

We are just happy to perform such a great song … and, of course, to have the opportunity to add our own little Riff Diamond spin to it.


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